Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Final Week

What a six weeks it was. The final week was filled with giving a presentation to Dr. Wright's lab group on my case study that I described in the fifth week blog. In addition, I spent time with Dr. Potter obtaining an MRI of the lumbar spine from which I can segment the Intervertebral Disc. The picture above is a sample of the segmented IVD obtained from the MRI images. It became quit apparent during the obtaining of the MRI images that obtaining segmenation data was not a simple process when dealing with the lumbar spine. Many issue were incurred due to poor SNR and much of the resolution was lost when the voxel size was increased to obtain better SNR for segmenting purposes. However, the image of the disc is encouraging for these techniques to be possible.

As my final bussiness on this blog I would like to thank all the physicians who gave there time to help me through these six weeks with a listing of all those involved. Thanks to everyone listed below for an unforgetable learning experience!

Hollis Potter, MD
Mathias Bostrom, MD
Robert Marx, MD
James Farmer, MD
Russell Warren, MD
Timothy Wright, PhD
Suzanne Maher, PhD


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