Sunday, August 13, 2006

My last week

From the respect of my project the biggest discovery was that there were already several similar patents on pretty much exactly the heater than I wanted to make. The three examples I found were:
As it seemed the main reason Dr. Tewari wanted to build the heater was for patenting the idea I am unsure if I will be going ahead with putting together one, although it should be more clear within the next few days.

Also I attended a robotic prostatectomy symposium put on at the medical school by Dr. Tewari, along with several other people in urology. The talks varied greatly in how good they were, but the bad ones were made worth it to watch a room full of doctors either laugh, or squirm in response to the MIT robotics professor claiming that within 50 years surgeons will be obsolete because robots will be capable of independently doing everything they currently do. That lead to me having a rather odd conversation with a doctor claiming that it was better to think of a person as "an energy field" rather than these modern scientific methods. While I mostly smiled and nodded, this really shocked me. I would have only expected such a reaction from a alternative health person, not a doctor.

I should finish by thanking Dr. Ash Tewari and, his residents, in particular Kevin and Dan, for letting me follow them around and observe a wide range of surgeries. This is one of the best places for an engineering student to be for the simple reason that here is the products of the best engineering, being used by some of the best medical professionals in the world. Seeing this really gives you a better insight into why we go through so much pain to learn about such abstract concepts. These concepts really do lead to improved technology that betters the lives of people.
At the same time this is a very new, hastily put together world. If things as simple as a heater to clean there lens are not in common use, then it is particularly clear that there is huge room for improvements to this technology.


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