Thursday, August 17, 2006


Thank You

The time pass very quick and my immerse term at the hospital in NYC is over. Following very close the physician and observing how things work in the clinic was a unique experience. Finally, I want to give thanks to all the people that make me feel part of the hospital team. I have to say that all the people that I found was very friendly and helpful.

From the neuropathy center, special thanks to Dr. Howard Sander, my assigned physician for accept me in the clinic, share his time and knowledge. To the other doctors on the clinic Brannagan III, Thomas H. Chin, Russell L., who were always glad to answer all my questions. Malena, the EMG-technician, for make me easier my stay in the clinic, and orienting me about things that I need specially for my project.

From the HSS thank to the doctors that allow us to attend the operations in the HSS, and their efforts explaining us even though they were in the middle of the surgery. Thank to the nurses that try to explain us what is happening on the operation room, also thank to the nurses that were nice and offered us a coffee or a cookie while we were waiting on the lounge.. Special thanks to Suzanne Maher, who was the one that schedule all the surgeries and orient us in anything that we needed. Dr. Wright who coordinated the implant project. Dr. Alejandro de la Valle, that was very kind to share his time to explain me about hip implants.

Thanks to Rachel, who coordinates the social activities. To Belinda that even though she was far she was very efficient and helped me. And Dr. Yi Wang for organizing the program, his efforts to making it a nice experience, and taking care of us. And, of course the BME department who plan this program.

Finally, my classmates with who I passed great times.

Thank You!


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