Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Vishal's Sixth Week: Acknowledgements and Thanks

I spent my final week at Weill helping Dr. Min finalize and revise our study on plaque type (as measured by MDCT) as a predictor of ischemia (as measured by MPS a.k.a nuclear stress testing). Several physicians have been tremendously generous with their time and were incredibly helpful in different ways. I would like to acknowledge their help here.

Cardiac Catheterization Labs
Dr. Shing-Chiu Wong: Dr. Wong was my 'official' mentor. He allowed me to observe several diagnostic angiography and stent insertion operations, and taught me a lot about cardiac anatomy and function.

Dr. Morin: Dr. Morin is a fellow who works with Dr. Wong. He was an excellent teacher, and also helped me learn a lot about cardiac anatomy

Dr. Robert Minutello: I also observed some surgeries performed by Dr. Minutello, and at one point considered working on a project with him exploring the correlation between stent size and stent fracture.

Interventional Radiology - Cardiovascular
Dr. Priscilla Winchester: Dr. Winchester invited me to observe procedures in interventional radiology, and was instrumental in helping me find a project to work on. She was extremely helpful, and introduced me to several other doctors in an attempt to find work for me.

Dr. David Trost: I also considered working on a project with Dr. Trost, involving a correlation between stent size and patient return visits.

Tim Levi: Tim is a senior medical student spending time in interventional radiology. He was very helpful in explaining some of the procedures.

Division of Cardiology
Dr. Jonathan Weinsaft: Dr. Winchester arranged a meeting for me with Dr. Weinsaft, who happens to be Jan's mentor. He spent some time looking for a project for me, and ultimately helped me find Dr. Min. He also demonstrated the reading of CT images, and explained some of the advantages and disadvantages of CT vs. MR.

Dr. James K. Min: Dr. Min was effectively my mentor for the last 3 weeks. We worked effectively together, and accomplished a lot in those 3 weeks (see other blog entries for details). Working on this project has been a pleasure, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Dr. Fay Lin: Dr. Lin is a fellow working with Dr. Min. Without her, we wouldn't have had the data necessary to complete our study.

Dr. Todd Pullowitz: Dr. Pullowitz was visiting for a short time to learn how to read CT scans. He was always in the reading room, and always ready to explain the scans.

Dr. Matthew Cham: Dr. Cham is responsible for the evaluation of the lungs in the CT scans. He was also very friendly and helpful.

Finally, I would like to thank the BME department for giving us this opportunity, Rachel Bowles for her help in organizing activities, and Dr. Yi Wang for coordinating the program.


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