Monday, August 28, 2006

Last Post - EP

In my last blog, and probably the last blog for all immersion participants, I want to thank first my clnical mentor, Dr. Kenneth Stein for his assistance and mentorship throughout the term. My immersion did not have a definite stop date like the rest of the students because of the proximity between my lab and the EP lab here at Weill. In fact, I am still currently waiting to here back from the Israeli company so that they can gain us access to the patient data that I need for a large scale study. I was obtaining data up until the week before last in an effort to make any sort of conclusions regarding my project, but I am afraid I still need a lot more data. But nonetheless, the experience was well worth it and I learned a great deal. I also want to thank the other EP attendings: Dr. Sei Iwai, Dr. Steven Markowitz, Dr. Suneet Mittal, Dr. Bindi Shah and the head of EP and Cardiology at Weill, Dr. Bruce Lerman. They all took time out of their busy schedules to explain some of the basics of their work. I also want to thank the senior fellows, Dr. Dmitry nemirovsky and Dr. David Dobesh for making time in their day to help me out. The junior fellows and residents alike also provided me with helpful words of knowledge along the way. The nurses and technicians in the EP lab were incredibly nice and helpful as well.

I learned a great deal, but the one thing that sticks out the most is my new outlook on the engineering-clinical relationship. Almost all of the medical devices, operating instruments, data acquisition units and other types of technology that a doctor or nurse uses was made with the help of engineers. The only way to improve the existing technology is to make the avenue of communication even bigger. There were plenty of simple things that I notices in the operating room which would make the lives of the doctors, and ultimately patients, better. But I believe that we, and more specifically Cornell, are on the right track.

Again thanks for the time, I had a blast.

With that, I bid you all adieu...